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Rockhill Church

The church in Rockhill was built by Fr. James Ryan P.P in 1842. It was renovated in 1950/51 by Fr Denis Kelly P.P. The church is built on a hill and from the church there is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. Close to the church is a mass rock. Prior to the church being built in 1842 in Rockhill, there was a church on the same site from the 1810’s.

The altar in Rockhill church is dedicated to the memory of James Dunworth, Mrs Dunworth and their children. On the left of the altar there are two statues, to St Brigid and the Sacred Heart. Statues to St Joseph and the Virgin Mary are to the right of the altar.

Two local men, the late Gerry Hynes and Pat Lyons informed the Limerick diocesan heritage group that prior to the renovation of the church in 1950/51, that there is priests buried under the church floor. The plaques were covered over when the new floor was laid and there is no longer any indication of which priests are buried in the church.


Buried within Rockhill Church is:

 James Ryan P.P., Died January 6th, 1859


Buried in the grounds of the Church is:

Canon Joseph Moran, P.P. 1976-1986, Died August 6th, 1986

Canon James Kelly, P.P. 1964-1976, Died April 27th, 1976 

Edmund McCarthy, P.P. for 9 months, Died October 3rd, 1964, aged 60 

 Canon Denis Kelly, P.P. 1941-1964, Died January 31st, 1964, aged 77 

 Canon John Breen, P.P. 1921-1941, Died January 10th, 1941, aged 83 

 Gerald O'Connor, Died August 10th, 1921, aged 62 

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